Competition Policy

All stores agree to our competition listing policy. this is the standard we expect your listings to meet.

Competition listings must be of high quality for the benefit of our customers and our sellers. Please follow our guidelines below.

Product Title

  • Product Titles should be clear and specific to the prize in question.
    • Customers should be in no-doubt as to the prize they are entering to win.
  • Use of spam/all caps is strictly forbidden.
    • e.g. “Wow! Win this incredible XXX“.
  • Format to follow, “Brand Name – Product Name – Edition/Style/Colour”.
    • Example of a good Product Title – “Sony PlayStation 5 Console Digital Edition”.

Product Short Description

  • Short descriptions are simple features of the prize.
  • Use up to five bullet-points to briefly explain key product features.

Product Long Description

  • Here you should tell the ‘story’ of the product and be as detailed as you can.


  • Product images must match the prize(s) in question, even down to the specific model, make, colour etc.
  • It must be explicitly clear what the prize is for your listing.
  • Please don’t use:
    • Black & White Images.
    • Filters on images.
    • Someone else’s imagery, unless you have permission.
  • Image Size:
    • You can upload multiple images for each listing.
    • Feature shots that show off all the features of the prize to help inform the customer.
    • Images have to be a minimum of 1200 x 1200px.
  • If you’re selling branded items, you need to include shots of labels, authentic details and (if available) any receipts and tags.
  • We constantly review and monitor all listings to ensure quality standards. Any images that do not follow these rules will be removed.

End Time & Length of Competition

  • There are no time extensions to competitions on Competition Camel. Your end date must be final and no more than 60 days from the start date.
  • Any stores failing to adhere to this will have their account suspended and withdrawn from the platform.